Alex von Furstenberg

The Diller – von Furstenberg Family Foundation

Alex von Furstenberg is Director and Secretary of The Diller - von Furstenberg Family Foundation. The Foundation was created around the philosophy that when a community thrives, its members flourish. The Foundation supports a variety of direct-service organizations that are effecting meaningful, lasting change in communities of all size, from neighborhoods to nations.

Foundation contributions support the day-to-day efforts that drive each organization. Such efforts include afterschool programs; salaries that permit social workers to reach more people in need; endowments to educational institutions at all levels; programs to encourage artistic literacy and individual achievement in children, and much more.

Since its inception, The Diller - von Furstenberg Family Foundation has committed more than $30 million in grants to a broad spectrum of non-profit institutions, spanning education, community reform, environmental advocacy, disease research, child care, arts and humanities and human rights.

A full list of grant recipients, as well as links to each organization’s web site, can be found here.